Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer [Is It Pale Enough?]


It’s time again to play the will this bronzer turn me orange. I love that cosmetics companies have realized that we are not all in the mid range of shades. All companies, including drug store brands are serving a wider range of skin tones. This is excellent news, however there is no handbook on makeup for the chronically pale. To invoke some self depreciating humor for a moment–I am so pale that when I fake tan I actually match my foundation (which is the palest shade). Ultimately I am on a bronzer quest to find that shade that will let me have a natural looking contour. I personally would like to not look like an oompa loompa on the regular. Gotta hide my double chin, because I am definitely not working out anytime soon. Today we are going to test out the ever so popular Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light/Pastel.

20170303_173631This product comes in at $13-$14 depending on where you buy it. This is half the cost of it’s counterparts in the prestige ranges. First thing you are going to notice is the smell. I knew this going into it thanks to Tati (from youtube). It smells like a coconut tropical vacation. If you aren’t into that (or are unable to ignore it), then just skip this product altogether. The smell is not subtle.

It comes with what is basically the weirdest applicator ever. It’s this weird sponge tab thing? I can’t see who came up with this or how they thought that it would work. It would literally just leave a streak of product. Take my advice, use a brush (unless you want to be one of those people with an unblended contour *cringe*). Your future selfies will thank you for it.

The texture of this product is an absolute dream. It is literally the most buttery, creamy amazing “powder.” They did name this product aptly. Dare I say that this is even more buttery than *gasp* Colour Pop. Colour Pop is literally amazing, but this is still a powder (which I prefer). It is velvety, and I actually prefer this product to some of my higher end options. To be fair, this is one of the lighter bronzers I have found (which is a big deal for my paleness).



Now, for the swatches. I swatched this next to some of the other bronzers I use on the regular. First, for reference, here is a shot of it on the skin. You will notice it isn’t too bold. It would be perfect for a natural contour, which is what I really crave on the day to day. Below you will find my comparison swatches with other popular bronzers.

swatchesNumber 1 is the Benefit Cosmetics Hula Bronzer($38). This bronzer is probably my favorite high end bronzer at the moment (totally checking out Hula Lite ASAP). As you can see though, by swatch number 2 (which is the butter bronzer), that this Physicians Formula bronzer could easily be a dupe. Number 3 is the IT Cosmetics Vitality Glow Bronzer($34). It is a solid favorite for a more dramatic bronzing, but it does pull a bit muddy on me in the wrong light. Number 4 is the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Milk Chocolate($30). Lastly, Number 5 is Aphrodisiac by Colour Pop($8).

This product has definitely been top drawered. I plan on making this my go-to for a while. I think for the price you are getting a great product that holds its own against products twice as much.

As always, thanks for reading this nonsense…




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