Valentine’s Day for the Socially Anxious {Date Night + Décor}

If you were looking for someone with an exciting life who had an over the top V-day, move along. If you want to see how corny and lame my husband and I are, hello and welcome. Real talk here, I was too tired to go shopping for my husband’s gift so I got his gift via Amazon Prime Now. Two hour delivery and I didn’t have to wear pants. What a time to be alive! I then spent the first part of my work day working (obviously) and coloring my husband a Valentine’s day card full of the best puns, “Are you a dementor, because you take my breath away?” That was a Harry Potter pun (I am primarily explaining this for any family members who read my blog but might not be cool enough to read about Harry). I do love Valentine’s Day–I know I am usually factious and cynical. Any excuse to not talk to anyone and cuddle (among other things) is fine by me. I am the literal embodiment of Netflix and chill, which is why we spent HOURS watching The People vs. OJ Simpson. It was like Making a Murderer all over again, except instead of watching impoverished people in backwoods Wisconsin we get to witness the rampant domestic violence of Holywood Socialites.


Being an adult, I had to work on Valentine’s Day. *BOO* We agreed that a snuggle date, after work, would be the way to go. Obviously, we had to get pizza, and I knew that heart shaped pizza is the only way to be truly romantic. I was 80% sure that Papa Johns was going to judge me for being so corny as to order this. I came to terms with this idea and went for it anyway. Also I requested (instead of flowers) doughnuts. My sometimes sweet husband actually got me both, so I was obviously happy. Of course, it isn’t Valentine’s Day unless all of your food is heart shaped. As I work from home, I happily ate my doughnut while working and watching The Office #noregrets.

Lastly, to cap off my exciting night of intrigue and wonder, I wanted to show you the adorable décor I bought at Michaels for 70% off! It added a little extra whimsy to our house and I plan on leaving the framed print up year round. I am currently transitioning to my spring décor, and will attempt to blog this for you soon. How soon depends on how lazy I am feeling, TBH.


Thanks for reading! Check out my next post on my Valentine’s Day inspired makeup. Truthfully, it’s pretty basic looking, but if you are into that: Soft Romantic Makeup {V-Day Inspired Mood Board+Tutorial}.

Love Always,




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