Comeback Face Mask… or not


After my blogging hiatus I wanted to bring you a stellar new product review. Instead, you are getting this average one.  This mask is cool looking and quite flubber esc. Perfect for any flubber themed spa parties you might be having. If anyone actually plans that party, please let me know. I would really like to talk with you about your life choices.When the winter weather has your skin looking like flakey dragon skin, you get desperate for a “miracle cure.”Truth be told, I tried this mask quite a while ago during my hiatus. The bipolar Tennessee weather has my skin rejecting even the air that touches it. When I ran out of my Fresh Rose mask (all time favorite) a couple weeks ago, I thought I might branch out and try a new moisture mask. After lots of grueling online shopping, this is what I came up with. Peter Thomas Roth is a skin care brand that has always done good things for my skin. I love their enzyme peel mask for it’s ability to sloth off my dead skin at a moments notice. This Cucumber Gel Mask gave me high hopes simply because it looked so jiggly. As we all know, masks can only be judged by their propensity for jiggles.


If we judge the product on looks alone… or rather it’s uncanny ability to make you want to squish it between your fingers, it gets 10/10 hands down. The real test of any product is if it can bring my skin back from the edge of turning to hide. In terms of smell,  you might imagine that it smelled something of cucumbers. If you too were under that illogical impression, then you too would be wrong. This mask smells more of lemon fresh Lysol wipes. It does have citrusy ingredients, but as this was called “cucumber” and not “Mr. Clean,” I had the wrong idea all together. The consistency is essentially that of aloe vera, and took far more than I had realized to cover my face. This leads me to believe that you would go through it rater quickly. I purchased this for $52 at, so I do expect it to last a while.

The thing I like most about gel masks is that they can be left on for long periods of time without making you oily. As an acne stricken human, this is key. You can almost use them as deep moisturizers (or sleeping masks), especially in winter. That is to say, you can do that with gel masks unless you bought this one. This mask feels sticky and heavy. It is impossible to forget that you have it on. As it sits on the skin it forms a crust on your face. Upon trying to rinse it off it pilled up and left a slimy (not-so-fresh) residue.

Now to be fair, I have authority issues. I don’t like to be told to leave my masks on for only 10 minutes at a time. I would like to consider myself a hardcore face masker and end up leaving them on for at least 30 minutes. Anything less is basically cowardice. It may have performed better had I followed the instructions, but that’s not how I live my life. I really do want/need something to work as a sleeping mask in my most severe skin droughts. For this reason I ended up taking this mask back and exchanging it for my all time favorite rose mask (which will be in my 2016 favorites soon!). If you are looking for an oil free, quick mask, this is a solid option. I, however, will stick with my tried and true Fresh rose mask for now. Thanks for reading. See you all again soon!





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