Killer Face Mask

Hello fellow internet scavengers. I am finally posting what should have been my Halloween post, but alas life happened, so I am here to make up for it now. This post was too hilarious and creepy not to post. You probably never though that you would read a skin post that would give you nightmares. This post is going to change that. Finally, I am going to be able to combine my dark and demented love or horror and my addition to beauty products. It’s going to be amazing. Let’s be honest, if you have used a sheet mask you have pretended to be Hannibal or Michael Myers one. I will leave you with that as we move on the review.


Sheet masks, I conjecture, were invented by someone like me. I adore masks, but damn do I love being lazy. Sometimes, when I am sitting on the couch playing Skyrim or binging on Netflix, I can’t be bothered to get up and wash my face. These are the solution. They are also perfect for travel, because they are already prepackaged, lightweight and ready to go. They are also usually pretty affordable. This mask is one I recently hauled from Sephora. It is from the brand Too Cool for School. They have a few variations of this product–pore tightening, firming, and hydration. This particular one is for hydration. I have been a huge fan of the Sephora rose masks, so I was excited to try another hydrating sheet mask. This one was $6 for one, $24 for 5, or the holiday set for $28 (this gives you 2 of each mask). Bonus, you can get all this 20% off right now for the VIB Rouge/VIB sale.

This product boasts that it includes coconut water (for hydration), niacinamide and camu camu (vitamin c and brightening effects). The name sake of this product, the egg extracts, are supposed to nourish your skin. I feel like egg cream probably eludes to egg whites, but as much fuss as people make about eating raw cookie dough, they are putting egg on their face. Of course eating raw cookie dough is risky (but really, we’ve all done it), and I don’t plan on eating this mask. Anything can happen though.

This mask came attached to this weird mesh material. It was pretty stiff. I assume this was to keep the structural integrity of the mask. Honestly, the mask  basically fell off it as soon as I went to unfold it. This mesh seems like a pointless waist of material. It may just be to keep the mask from sticking to itself and becoming a cluster. The mask is supposedly microfiber. When I imagine microfiber I imagine couch upholstery. While putting upholstery on your face is probably not appealing to anyone, this mask is made from what feels like the really fancy paper towels. You know, the Viva brand ones you can buy are think and almost stretchy feeling. I am too cheap for these paper towels because I need money to funnel to Sephora. Bounty is jam. After that nice little interlude about my paper towel opinions, I will say that the biggest thing I look for in a facemask is that it doesn’t dry too quickly (and thereby fall off my face). This one stayed nice and hydrated for full time I used it. The directions said to leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes. This typically ends up being 30 minutes (Is it laziness or trying to let it sink in you may ask? Both, obviously).

Overall I liked this mask. I felt like it really did give me a hydrated and replenished feeling. As most sheet masks do, my face felt a tad bit sticky after use. I was able  to rinse this off before bed several hours later (right before bed, followed by my skin care routine). I like hydrating masks, for when I am coming out of a nasty break out, because I feel that it helps calm my flakey and healing skin. I liked this one enough that I will likely be ordering the holiday set during the VIB sale. So far, I like this brand and I want to try more of their range.

Now, as promised, I will leave you with my Michael Myers impression. We can’t let the title be click bait now can we? Thank you all for reading!!






4 thoughts on “Killer Face Mask

  1. I love sheet masks. You need to order a cover form Amazon. They cost about $5 and fit over the mask and over your ears. They hold the mask in place and keep it tight against your skin.


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