Magic Lipstick from Givenchy


I hate lip products. I cannot stand that greasy feeling on my mouth. I mean, why do I want to walk around with a sticky hair trap all day? No thank you. Before you suggest matte lipsticks, I feel you. However, if you pick the wrong one you are basically going to have cement on some seriously sensitive skin (looking at you Colour Pop). Forgive me for not wanting to scrub my lip skin off. Off topic side note, the matte Bare Minerals liquid lip sticks are actually kinda comfortable. Okay, back to the product at hand. I got this as a 100 point reward from Sephora because I knew I wanted to get in on this color changing product thing five years late. If you haven’t seen a color changing lipstick review you have probably been in a sad Wi-Fi-less world. This one is the Rouge Interdit Vinyl Color Enhancing Lipstick from Givenchy in Noir Revelatuer. It looks black in the bullet, but it is actually a sheer nude-pink. It actually makes me feel weird that something so dark can be so sheer.


This product really and truly is a tinted balm. To call it lipstick is a bunch of lies. I have actually had more pigmented chapsticks to be real. I actually had to go over my swatch several times to get it to show up on my hand for the picture. In the photo to the left I was curious to see if the color was the same when swatched not on the skin. Oddly enough it came off as a bubblegum pinky/purple. Something that shocked me was that it was almost an instant color change. I think I was expecting it to take time to develop. It started brownish and turned more pink as it sat on the skin/counter. It has a waxy balmy feel to the product. If you were to wear this all day, you would need to bring the product with you, because it is going to wear off quickly. I don’t know how well the photo translated the color, but it pulled, on my skin, as a mauvey nude pink. That might have been because I was way too lazy photograph this during daylight hours. Sunlight is overrated.

I know this is a short review, but honestly, I wasn’t too impressed with this product. I feel like it was fun to try and worth the points (because, I mean, what else are we going to do with our points). I wish that Sephora would let us put those points towards merchandise like some other companies. *cough* Ulta has a better reward system. *cough* This product retails for $33, which is to be expected for a high end luxury brand. In fairness I have not bought one of the normal lipsticks in this range, I am sure they are A-Okay. I really felt like this color was more just my lip color slightly improved.

Bonus item!! During the Sephora reward bazaar I also spent another 250 points on a perfume that I had been wanting from Dior. It was the CUTEST mini bottle of the Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming. This is a floral sweet smell. It I feel that it is a heavier scent, perfect for fall!


If you have tried any of the other colors let me know how you liked them! I am getting so excited for Halloween, check out my Killer Face Mask review! Thanks for reading!!!






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