Affordable Skin Care Haul

As per usual I was poking around Ulta Beauty. I justify the money to myself by saying I am taking care of my skin. I mean, I need stuff right? I don’t have enough skin care stuff because I still have acne. That is logical…maybe? Let’s jump right into this haul so I can show you all the things I bought and I will give you my first impressions on the products I have tried so far. Let’s be real, when you buy new products who actually has the self control to not try them all at once? No one.

One of the things I am in search of is a moisturizer that won’t break me out. I bought these product recently in hopes of ending that long journey. The Aveeno Positively Radiant daily moisturizer ($13.59) is a great moisturizer. It has little to no scent-it almost has a soapy clean smell. I can’t complain about smelling clean right? This product claims to be brightening (which is great for my healing acne spots). My skin didn’t feel too sticky or oily afterwards, as it did absorb reasonably quickly. I did start using this around a very hormonal time in my life, so I did notice some breaking out. To be fair, that may not have been the product itself (and more just my body hating me). I have heard that this lotion has caused breakouts for many other people (from the ever reliable youtube beauty community). I am not convinced enough to stop using it, so we will see by the end of the bottle if I am positively radiant or if I am positively broke the F out.

The second product I bought was the Hydro-Boost Water Gel from Neutrogena ($18.99). This moisturizer is supposed to be a non-comedogenic. That is a fancy way of saying that it is not supposed to make my skin act a fool. So far it has performed just fine… I think. About halfway through the jar I realized I was getting a “stress rash” on my neck. Then I looked at the ingredient list and saw that it contains the dye blue 1. This is something that my skin reacts poorly with. It was blue and somehow I did not stop to check the back. I have stopped using it for the time being. While I was living with reckless abandon, I can say I did not feel that my acne was more or less active while using this product. I am going to look for another product that is made mainly with hyaluronic acid and give it another go.

For those rare instances when I go in the sun I like to protect my delicate paper white skin. Like those people who try to justify tanning by saying they don’t burn they tan, I do not tan I just burn. I mean, I fry like an egg on asphalt in July. My face usually suffers these consequences most because it usually ends with a break out or crispy complexion. These two products are game changers for me. For my most intensive outings, I use the Neutrogena clear face sunscreen (11.99). This is a fluid lotion that dries pretty fast, all while providing SPF 55 coverage. I used this when my husband and I went to Universal Studios (Harry Potter Yall!!). It was a life saver. It says it is oil free, but I am calling BS on that as it did leave me rather shiny, but it didn’t make me break out (and kept me from looking like burnt bacon). For less intensive days in the sun I use this product by Simple (12.99). It gives me a modest SPF 15 coverage, but it is gentle enough to use on the daily. It is a super thick cream, so I don’t recommend this for under foundation, but it is great to put on before going on a walk with the pooch.

These next three things aren’t skin care related in the traditional sense, but they are definitely honorable mentions! I love the oil-free makeup remover in Ulta’s house brand, but they were out and I was out, so I bought this one from Neutrogena. The Ulta/Target/Walmart/insert any drug store brand here brand works fine and are a couple dollars cheaper. This one runs $7.99 while the house brand is only $6.50. I just see no need to spend more on the same exact thing. Last have two of my basic favorites. As I mentioned before, I do have some skin sensitivities. By some sensitivities I mean that my skin is about as volatile as a teenager’s emotions. I have to make sure to buy dye free lotions. This don’t bother my skin, nor do they break the bank. I also have a stash from the basic haven of Bath and Body Works, but we will save that for another day.

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this, please follow me for more facetious honest reviews. If you are interested in my high end skin care haul, please click the hyperlink!



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