High End Skin Care Haul-A Glowy Mess

If ever there were a store that has my makeup loving heart it is Sephora. There are so many things on my wish list that I would probably need a second job to support my tastes. I do however still spend a pretty big chunk of change on this habit. To make me feel better I am going to share these products with you. When you have less than twenty followers is it acceptable to buy things for the blog?

Iphilosophy-clear-days was running low on my First Aid Beauty cleanser, so I decided to go out on a limb and try a new wash formulated for acne. Philosophy is always a brand I think highly of for their consistent quality. I was intrigued by this cleanser, Clear Days Ahead ($22) so I added it to my last Sephora order. I don’t know if I believe my skin actually has clear days ahead, but so far I am pleased. It is a salicylic acid wash, and it is clear though the bottle is tinted blue (I had to check after my moisturizer debacle from my last post). Upon reading reviews, I did see that many people found this product drying. I don’t disagree with that sentiment. It does leave my face feeling tight if I don’t put on a moisturizer right away (incentive to make me moisturize when I feeling lazy). I do think it does help dry up any active breakouts. Also to note it does have a fresh citrus smell that does not linger for long (so you won’t be smelling like floor cleaner all day). Overall this is a great product I am happy to continue to use, and 10/10 would recommend for oily to combination skin types. If you are dry and flakey this product is probably not for you (unless you are going for dragon skin, if so then carry on).

Next I wanted to throw in that I did get a couple freebies.clinique-copy I got this salicylic acid spot treatment from Clinique. I used a coupon code on my online order. I would like to confess that I have not had to buy a spot treatment in a really long time. I try to avoid it when I can for one. When I use spot treatments, it usually dries up the acne but leaves me with a flakey dark patch.farmhoneypotion Also I just keep getting it for free. Sephora had done several coupon codes with this sort of thing, and hey, free is always going to win in my book. When I do buy spot treatment I buy the Origins Spot treatment ($18). In a separate order I got this Honey Potion face mask sample from Farmacy. Look for my #facemaskfriday post on this soon!


Origins is a great standby in my collection. I haven’t bought many things from them, but I am always happy when I do. This Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask ($26) is a great mask when you have had a long week of wearing makeup. I have bought this twice now. I use this to supplement my GlamGlow habit. Between YouthMud treatments I use this mask to help clarify the crap out of my pores. The reality of loving make up is that you are cramming your pores full of pore fillers, foundation, powder, and general grossness. If you don’t purge your skin, your skin will look like said general grossness. I do find that this mask does the job well. It applies like a mud mask and does require a bit of scrubbing to remove. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a solid way to clear out their pore gunk.

peterthomasrossAs an acne prone person I am a HUGE fan of chemical exfoliators. My first favorite, before I started using the Amore Pacific enzyme peel, was this product from Peter Thomas Roth (Peeling Gel $48). This is a great high end skin care range, and I love this stuff so much. You take a quarter sized amount and start to work it over clean dry skin. The product then starts to form little pills all over your face. This is the dead skin the peel is helping slough off to leave you looking smooth AF. I sometimes use this in place of my enzyme peel. Mostly I alternate between the two. I realize how overly high maintenance that is, but hey, I am desperate. I don’t feel over scrubbed or sensitive after doing this. It is important to only do this 2-3 times a week max. Every day use could lead to some sensitivity. You will also put yourself at greater risk for sunburns.

egg-mask-copyI also picked up this egg cream mask from Too Cool for School. Stay tuned for Halloween edition face mask Friday next week. We are going to do a post on my serial killer skin care routine!

The Glowy Messy Mistake

Last and certainly least, is the GlamGlow Glow Starter ($49). I am not a fan. I don’t know what possessed me to buy this. I was looking for a good moisturizer that wouldn’t cause breakouts. Side note-probably going to buy the Tatcha Water Gel Moisturizer next. I love GlamGlow and I think maybe I just wanted to love it because of my love of youth mud. To be honest, I was not pay attention when I bought this, and I certainly paid the price (pun intended). Now I can’t hate the packaging, because that is something that GlamGlow nails every time. They even call you sexy if you give them your money (all above board stuff going on here). What isn’t to love there?

I wanted a moisturizer for night time and day to day use. I was not looking for something with a tint. That was my first error. When I unboxed this it clearly said, “Nude Glow.” I knew this was going down hill. When I opened the jar I realized that not only was it an unnatural salmon color, but it was basically liquid highlighter. I knew this had to be a great photo opt, so I did what any other self respecting blogger would do. I put it on and took pictures. If you ever want to do that challenge where you do your full face of makeup with all highlighters, this product will do it for your in less than 30 seconds. I did end up taking this product back, but it was fun while it lasted.


Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this, please follow me for more facetious honest reviews. If you are interested in my affordable skin care haul, please click the hyperlink!


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