Getting Naked All Night-An Urban Decay Look (Part 2-Eyes)

Welcome to part two of this fabulous look! In this portion we are going to walk though brows, eyes and lips. In our last blog we left off with finishing up adding color back in to my pasty skin. In case you missed part one you can check it out here (Getting Naked All Night-An Urban Decay Look (Part 1-Foundation)). Urban Decay is my favorite, and I have been super excited about the All Nighter Foundation and the Naked Ultimate Basics Pallet (Review-Naked Ultimate Basics-Just Take My Money). Let’s jump right in where we left off.

eyeproduct1We have to address the brow situation. Right before I do my brows I prime my eyes with the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden. This is a light champagne color that helps conceal any lid discoloration. I just dot this on each lid and pat it out with my fingers. I feel that the warmth of my hand helps smooth this out over the lid. I let the product sit and get tacky while I fill in my lack of brows. I have tried just completely swearing off plucking-still no luscious full brows to speak of. I started with the goof proof brow pencil from Benefit to give me the general shape. Next I go in and fill out any sparse areas (also refining the general shape) with the brow beater pencil in Taupe from Urban Decay. The brow beater pencil is so tiny and fine that it allows us to mimic hairs on the brows. I then finish off with any clear brow gel to keep everything in place. I don’t conceal my brows, because my brow game is non-existent.

base-colorsAfter the primer had time to get tacky, it was time to move on to creating a base for the eye look. I started by patting pre-game all over my lid up to my brow bone. To give me an easy transition I started by blending out a combo of Nudie and Commando. I do this using the brush to left (Mally Beauty). It is a little larger and more dispersed. I work this in windshield wiper motions into my crease and right below my brow bone. I have partially hooded eyes so I try to focus right above my crease to create the illusion of a more open eye (refer to the blue portion of the picture). With the same brush I worked Tempted into my crease (Pink area below) in the same windshield wiper motion.

shadowplacementNext I clean off my brush when I am not being ultra lazy. I just swirl the brush on a dry makeup wipe or a paper towel. I then take that brush and begin to define my “new crease.” I do this in the purple area on the outer 2/3 of my eye. I am careful to blend the below the base colors I have already laid down, fading it upwards. This gives us a nice transition into nothing. Unblended shadow isn’t a good look. Friends don’t let friends not blend their shadow. I will then begin to work Lethal into my outer-V using the brush on the right from Crown Brushes. I try to keep the majority of the color to the outer 1/3. Do make sure to fade this into your other crease colors. As I blend these colors out I follow the projection of my lower lash line to give me the start of a smoky wing. To help balance the look I chose to lightly smoke out the lower lash line. Using a pointed pencil brush and smudged Commando and Instinct out together and connected it to the “wing.”

Usually at this point I take a clean fluffy brush and blend the edges of the look to soften eye-lookthe over all look (which is what I did). I then took this little Armani liquid eye tint sample I got from Sephora (any champagne liquid base would do, you could even go back in with Eden) and patted it from the inner corner to the center of the lid. Using a flat packing brush I packed on Midnight Cowboy from Urban Decay. This helped brighten the overall look, and open up my eyes. This picture, with me trying to casually try to peek to see if I am taking the photo, will show you what this looks like once you have added the shimmer to ONLY the mobile lid. I then took a champagne jumbo pencil in my lower water line to help keep my eyes open and bright (any nude pencil would do). Next I smudged Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencil liner in Black Velvet in my upper water line. I finished liner off with the Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper and made the tiniest baby wing. I finished this eye look by swiping on my blinc black lash primer, then using my ride or die mascara, Urban Decay’s Perversion.

Last but not least, I set everything in place with Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting spray (told you this was an Urban Decay look). This stuff has a cult following for a reason. I literally don’t do my makeup without using this product. I keep it at my desk at work and in my purse. For the lip on this look, I used a neutral mauve pink liner from color pop, then topped it off with the matte liquid lip from Bare Minerals in Swag.

nakedbasicsallnighterHere is what we are left with minus cat ears. I love this look for a dramatic day time thing. I love this foundation because I do feel like I get flawless look for little to no effort. This eye pallet is also killer. It is so versatile. I want to do a warm fall smoky look next! Thanks for reading, and feel free to show me your looks if you use this pallet.




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