Getting Naked All Night-An Urban Decay Look (Part 1-Foundation)

Urban Decay is the lifeblood of my makeup addicted heart. Of all the brands I love, I go back to them time and time again. I buy their overpriced products and love every minute of it. Recently the two products they have released that I have been most excited about is the All Nighter Foundation ($40) and the Naked Ultimate Basics Pallet. I recently did a review on the pallet (Naked Ultimate Basics-Just Take My Money). Spoiler alert, it’s amazing. I am splitting this post up into two parts. This post will take us through skin. In part two I will cover what I use on my brows, eyes and lips.

Starting with the skin portion of the this look, let’s start with our base. Though I am only showing you one primer here (being shady, as per usual), I actually started off with the Benefit Porefessionals Primer. I massaged this into the craters pores on my nose. I also take and “spot prime” on any dry patches. I use the photo loving primer by NYX to push down any dry flakey spots I was too lazy to grab with tweezers.

Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation is a full coverage foundation. It’s the foundation I grab when my skin has completely lost its crap and it going full red rampage. It really does blur your imperfections and give you a filtered look. One thing to bear in mind for this foundation is that it will oxidize. I have been buying the Naked Skin foundation for ages and knew that was likely to be the same case for this range. I bought the lightest shade available because I am basically shade sour cream. Also it applies too light at first, but it oxidizes into a near perfect match. Word of warning, if you buy your perfect match in store (depending on your body chemistry) you may end up looking like a bad fake tan. A word on the packaging, because it’s fabulous. I love that it looks like metal, but is actually a durable lightweight plastic(travel safe). I like this pump format. Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation is an extremely fluid foundation. I was expecting that to be the case with this product -wrong (about as wrong as the time I thought Sweeny Todd was a children’s movie). This foundation is somewhere dead in the middle of thickness on a scale of Naked Skin to Dermablend.

half-foundationThis foundation is super thick and pigmented. It also dries down matte, and does this in a hurry. You will need to work quickly to blend it all out. Just blend like hell and you will be fine. I find that it is absolutely essential to work with a freshly dampened beauty blender. You may be able to work better with a brush, but seeing as how I don’t even remember how to apply foundation any other way we stick with a damp sponge around here. This foundation is not buildable, but you don’t really need to add 20 layers to get that fully acne coverage (probably not the foundation you want to use for the 100 layer challenge). It is one of the most pigmented foundations I have ever used. Start with a couple of drops of foundation, and keep in mind that a full pump will probably cover most all of your face. This picture of my face shows you the coverage with one layer on the left, versus my lovely natural face on the other (with primer). Also, please take a moment to appreciate my cat ears! I don’t recommend doing half your face, stopping to take pictures, then continuing. I have to work pretty hard to blend that line out. After my foundation was completely blended I added just a touch of concealer under my eyes and on that one really red spot on the right side of the photo. Honestly though, I could have gotten away with no concealer at all, but I am nothing less than excessive. I also set my under eye area with the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores translucent setting powder. I then lightly dusted the rest of my face with the Bare Mineral Bare Pro foundation (because it was closet to me at the time). I wanted this foundation to last and be super flawless, normally I don’t recommend using powder foundation with liquid foundation, but I wasn’t going to be wearing this too long. I have been told you don’t have to set this foundation. That’s all fine and great, but I don’t want it transferring on everything and I don’t know if I can morally wear liquid foundation with no powder.


After all is said and blended, I did finish my skin off with a light “contour” using the It Cosmetics Vitality Glow Bronzer. I took the product under the cheek bones, down the jaw, sides of the nose and around the hair line. I then added my go to blush from NARS in Orgasm (DUH, do they even make other blushes?). Alternatively, I think I would have used Fetish from Urban Decay as it is more a mauvey pink for a Fall-ish glow. I also used the After Glow Highlighter from Urban Decay in Sin on my cheek bones and the bridge of my nose. I did notice that when I photographed this makeup that a lot of this added color was washed out.

Thank you for reading part one of this look. Please check out part two for a full walk through on the eye look using the Ultimate Naked Basics Pallet Getting Naked All Night-An Urban Decay Look (Part 2-Eyes)!!





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