War Paint or Rabies? #facemaskfriday

My skin has been feeling stressed and angry lately. This isn’t new. That’s exactly when you should add new products to your routine right? I am going to be reviewing two detox masks today for those days when you just need to purge your skin. I realize it is no longer Friday, but I have a full-time job and making money took precedence over my facemask hobby.

First Mask of the Day-Origins By All Greens Foaming Face Mask ($36 on Sephora.com)

If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to become a foamy blob, this is the mask for you. Though I am being a bit dramatic, this is my first foaming mask. After watching all the youtubers review these, I was intrigued. I dig all things Origins, so I figured this would be a safe bet. This mask claims to draw out impurities from your skin. It is designed cleanse without removing too much.

This mask is basically an expensive smoothie. It features green tea, spiraling, and spinach (also a touch of rabies to give it the foamy effect). You have to apply this mask quickly because it begins to foam almost immediately. It comes out super runny, like a smoothie (I am suspicious). This mask is super fast too, as it is ready to wash off after about 2-5 minutes. After a couple minutes the foam starts popping and looks lame again.

Overall, this is a pretty good mask. I don’t think I would repurchase this product. I am not a fan of the smell. It smells clean, but in a sickeningly sweet way. It does do as it promises–it strips any impurities without making your skin feel parched. I don’t feel like the benefits of this mask are so miraculous that it is worth $36. I have other cleansers and masks that are less expensive and more effective.

Mask Number Two-Bare Minerals Dirty Detox ($35)

I have been so excited to try the Bare Minerals range of skin care. As a range, I love everything they sell. This mask is basically war paint. If my husband makes (LOL) me go hunting with him, I will never let him put that nasty oil paint on my face. I can just use this. I, however, have no plans of going hunting or sweating unnecessarily. I will just stay home and do facemasks.

This mask is definitely a clay paste consistency. Basically you just have to get over the initial feel of general baby poop-ness. This little sample I got from the Bare Minerals store was enough for a whole generous facemask. This face goop is supposed to help with skin texture, brightening, and cleaning out your gross pore dirt. It apparently accomplishes this with clay, charcoal and papaya enzyme. I like that the smell of this mask is faint to non-existent. It also doesn’t tingle or burn. I would buy this mask simply because I don’t feel that it irritated my skin. On the contrary, I felt cleansed and I do feel like I saw an immediate difference with overall texture and brightness. Anything that gives me instant gratification is a win. For your viewing pleasure I will leave you all the gift of my war face.



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