Being Basic-Mini Lush Haul Edition

If you saw my Face Mask Friday post on the Cosmetic Warrior mask from Lush (Read Review Here), then you know that I dropped by my local store the other day. I picked up a few little treats for myself while I was there. I have been watching Parks and Rec, so I am happy to adapt a treat yo’ self philosophy. Mostly I enjoyed shoving a bunch of stuff in my face and getting glitter all over my nose. Did I leave Lush or strip club? You never can tell.


First thing I picked up was the Tisty Toasty bath bomb. This bath bomb has little rose buds in the product. It smells faintly floral with a citrus undertone. It is a lovely and simply scent. I don’t like scents where there is too much going on. It’s clean, pretty, and straightforward. I also can use this in place of those romantic rose petal baths. In case no one ever told you this, rose petal baths look great in theory, just don’t do it in real life. You will have rose petal in places where they don’t belong. Also, it’s not so romantic to scoop up soppy petals into a bowl. Save yourself time, use a bath bomb.


Next I picked up one of the shower jellies. These are literally worth it just to dump out in your hand and jiggle them around. If you say that you have bought one of these not done the dump and jiggle, you are a liar. If you have never had a cup o’ shower jello, then make that happen. I picked up the jelly in 93,000 miles. This jelly is designed to relieve achey muscles. My husband is always complaining of lower back aches so I grabbed this for him. He has completely ignored its existence. I tried rubbing it on my sprained ankle. My ankle is still swollen and sprained. I can’t hate though, I am the one who can’t walk. As a word of warning, this product smells strongly of cinnamon, peppers, and maybe cloves? If nothing else, it’s so much fun to play with.


Lastly, as an ode to all my basic behavior (and October!), I picked up a glittery pumpkin bubble bar. I am a sucker for all things seasonally themed. I mean, it’s adorable. I am going to buy so many more of these. Full disclosure, I have cleverly photographed this bubble bar to look as if it is whole. I have, however, used the other half. I currently have a pretty small tub so half of the is product was enough for a sufficiently bubbly orange soda bath. This bar smells clean and lovely, and seriously, it a glittery pumpkin. How can you not love it? Lush’s bubble bars are a preferable alternative to traditional bubble bath. The bubbles are far more dense and moisturizing. Being a scaly dragon person, I can use all the extra moisture I can get.


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