Naked Ultimate Basics-Just Take My Money

I counted down the days to for this pallet to release. I get excited every time Urban Decay repackages shadow colors that are anything but naked (and are not new at all). I give them my $54 every time, no questions asked. Will I learn? Am I sorry? These questions would require a deep philosophical debate, so I will just stick to reviewing the amazingness at hand.

Lets start with the packaging. The packaging looks seriously fantastic. This pallet is supposed to be the mothership of basic matte shadows. The packaging is anything but basic, unlike me. The prismatic design definitely makes this a collector’s piece. I even love the box that it came in (I secretly hoard my pallet boxes). It translates the package texture onto the box itself. I truly appreciate that when I spend $54 on a pallet, Urban Decay delivers on the unboxing experience. I mean, if I am going to make it rain makeup pallets, you can give me high quality cardboard. The pallet itself is hard plastic. Overall it is lightweight and generally sturdy. Compared to previous pallets   (i.e.–Naked2, Naked Smokey, etc.) the packaging feels cheap. The plastic sounds hollow. Compared to the hardened resin feel of Smokey or the metal shell of Naked2, this feels like a down grade in the material used. The mirror (though difficult to photograph), is a great mirror. It covers the entirety of the inside cover of the pallet. Having a huge mirror and lower weight makes this pallet an easy grab for a travel bag. Side note, I never use the included brushes. This brush is a good little synthetic fiber brush. One side is a small dense smudger, the other side is flattened fluffy brush. It would generally be good for packing shadow, but could be used for blending with a little work.


If you have ever experienced Urban Decay shadows, then you know to expect buttery easy to blend product. This is hard to accomplish when you are dealing with matte shadows, but UD’s formula delivers every time. The one and only non-matte is the first color (Blow). Blow is a satin finish–mostly matte, but has a hint of finely milled shimmer. On the top we have cool toned neutrals. The bottom row casts a warmer vibe. I am just glad in this pallet review we are back to UD’s affinity for suggestive names. I prefer my makeup with a side of sexual innuendo.


Bottom to Top: We start with Blow (as described above). This color was clearly named because the pan fallout definitely looks like, well, Blow. This set is the cooler taupey range. Nudie and Commando are next, respectively. These are lighter colored taupe shadows. They are good to lightly define the crease and transition into your base color up to the brow bone. Next we have Tempted. This shadow is a deep taupe that works well when you are trying to deepen your crease to transition into darker colors. Instinct is a mauvey rose color. It still translates to a natural taupe on the skin, but it gives just a hint of rosey pink on the lid. Lastly we have Lethal. Lethal comes off as a burgundy brown. You can layer this color for a super dramatic look. You can also blend this out to give a defined natural look. I have created a basic look using Blow under my brow bone. I then blended Nudie into my crease. I deepened my crease using Tempted and Instinct. I then blended lethal into my outer-V to give me a bit of drama. I also swept Commando and Tempted under the lash line.

row2Top to Bottom: The first shadow that my lovely pale arm does not show is Pre-Game. You are going to have to trust me when I say that the swatch is there. I wouldn’t lie to you. I really am that pale. For me, this shadow is perfect all over the lid to create a blank canvas  (AKA cover my oily eyelids). The next color is a gorgeous auburn orange. Extra Bitter is a literally pumpkin spice in shadow form. I actually paired this shadow with Rocker from the Tartelette in Bloom pallet. Rocker is a dense shimmery bronze color. This is the epitome of fall makeup. Faith and Lockout are both warm brown crease shades. Magnet is a grey slate color (because you know, it’s a magnet). The shadow, though not super dense in pigment, is buildable. With a little love you could make this a deep charcoal especially mixed with the last color, Blackout. Blackout is a basic matte black shadow. It doesn’t start off too strong (which would make it difficult to blend). This shadow, again, could be built up to deep black with a little work.

Overall, I am please with my purchase. This pallet is really what I think many wanted the Naked pallets to be. I myself favorite the Naked2 Pallet for its cooled toned looks, but it definitely has the shimmer factor to it (making it less than naked). Naked Ultimate Basics is great for a ride or die pallet. You can grab this pallet and you will be able to create a makeup look for just about any occasion. You can also use these in conjunction with any other shadow collection you have. These mattes would be great to pair with any foils you may have sitting in a drawer collecting dust. When I invest in a pallet I look for versatility. Ultimate Basics definitely fits that bill. You need this pallet.

For a look with this pallet check out my newest tutorial! Getting Naked All Night-An Urban Decay Look (Part 2-Eyes)


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