Rubbing Garlic on my Face #facemaskfriday

It’s facemask Friday! This is the day we honor all the stuff we slather on our faces in hopes of making us more awesome. I personally slather many things on my face. Today that happens to be garlic. In actuality, this is a pretty cool mask from Lush cosmetics. This is one of the fresh facemasks they sell in store. In other words, you are going to have to keep it in the refrigerator and hope no one mistakes it for chip dip.

I recently went into my local Lush with my BFF and she obtained this sample. She then left it in my fridge, so I thought I would help her out and blog about it. This mask is specifically formulated for troubled skin (AKA my prepubescent skin). It is made with garlic, egg whites, tea tree oil, etc. It is perfect for sensitive skin according to their site (see page here: It is also reasonably priced at $8.95 for 1.7oz. garlicfacemask

The first thing you will notice about this mask is the smell. I cannot pretend I like said odor. It smells strongly of garlic and tea tree oil. Each of these separate smells, I love. Together it makes a very interesting odor. I powered through in the name of curing my acne. Anything promising to calm my break outs down is worth it, even if you smell like weird food. I used my facemask brush from Glamglow to apply. I smeared it on generously and let it stew for ten-ish minutes.

The mask dries to a sticky/lumpy consistency. It looks like dried *ahem* mayonnaise. Rinsing off the mask was pretty easy. My cheeks were a bit red after (due to my super sensitive skin-because of the tea tree oil). I didn’t feel stripped down or any sensitivity. I can’t say I felt immediate relief, but the next morning my skin was far less angry. I also have enough for another go, so I want to try it 2 days in a row. I think this mask is great and would be good to do over a week or two during a nasty break out. Bottom line, I would buy this mask next time I am in my local Lush location. Thanks for reading!!







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