Dirt and Tea Leaves will Cure my Acne #facemaskfriday



Glamglow comes in at $69 for 1.7oz. My favorite product is the Youthmud, tingle exfoliant. I won’t pretend that is cheap for what honestly looks like river clay, sand, and tea leaves. It literally looks I scooped up some sludge up after a flood and threw it in a jar. That definitely should convince you to rub it all over your face. In reality, it’s f’ing amazing. I have a brush that came in a glamglow gift set last year that I find makes it easier to apply (I also feel like it reduces waste, because really, $69). I truly do feel that this product has changed my acne game. I will continue to fork out the money for the foreseeable future.

This is a pretty straight forward product, brush on a clean dry complexion. Leave on for about 10 minutes while it dries. Don’t be like me and put it on and forget that it’s on your face until it starts to burn. That’s a bad idea because your poor little face will be bright tomato red. This product does tingle, and you will likely be alarmed the first time you use it. As a person who has ultra sensitive skin, I thought I was having a reaction, but jars later, I can say that I it had done me well.


The gritty texture is fantastic for dry flakey skin. Where chemical exfoliants work on a “micro level,” this can take care of your scaly dragon patches. My foundation always applies beautifully the day after use. You will need a heavy moisturizer afterwards, but it’s so worth it. When I am having a flare up, I use this to help dry up any active acne. I also got a small travel size of the Supermud treatment in my gift set. This is not something I would recommend slapping on your whole visage. I do however put this on particularly bad spots and then cover the rest of my face with youthmud. I look a swamp monster. I don’t hate this.

This combination of product is the only thing that will stop an active break out for me (that happens a lot). It’s like slamming on the breaks ten feet away from a stop sign. It really does keep my skin texture foundation ready. So yes, I cure my acne with over priced mud and sand. I am not sorry.




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