I Acquired More Makeup ft. Boxycharm

I have been getting boxycharm boxes for a few months now, and I recently decided to unsubscribe. It’s not that I don’t like it, because I really do. I get stuff I don’t need/use a lot, and it just isn’t worth it to keep adding to my stash *gasps*. I originally subscribed because I didn’t have enough product in my collection (No, I am lying). I have a problem, and unsubscribing is one small way I am going to validate all the glamglow I intend to purchase. Let me show you the goods. Not those goods, but I did get a lot for my $21. I will put the card at the bottom of this post if you are curious about the retail prices of these products. Welcome to Camp Glam (this month’s theme).

Boxycharm claims you get over $100 of product. The trick is, is it product you actually want? I mean, I can spend $100 on ramen and you are going to be like, girl no, this isn’t the apocalypse. I kid, the folks at boxy charm give us a good mix of staple products along side unique brands to try.  The first thing we got this month was something that we get a lot of in theswatchlippielinerse boxes, which is plain black liner. I can’t hate, because I have spent $20 alone on black eyeliner. This one is from Hikari in Raven. This is just a standard mechanical eyeliner. It’s a staple in everyone’s collection, and it’s pretty pigmented. It would be suited for a dark waterline or a smokey liner look. 

The next thing we pulled out a lip lure lip lacquer from PUR cosmetics (in Mystic). I don’t know much about this range, but what little I do know, they have impressed me. If you are matte lipstick kinda human, please look away. This is a gorgeous berry color, perfect for fall. The packaging is a fantastic metal tube-super durable. If you are going to be making out with anyone or anything, maybe skip this one. It does not dry down and it transfers onto everything. If you are an adult and can handle not getting lipstick onto things you can wear this. I am not an adult and I can’t manage to not get this everywhere, therefore I am going to pass this one on.


Next we grabbed a hair mask to tame my mane of hair. This is by Hairgurt. I am almost 100% certain it’s actually just yogurt with preservatives in it (No, not really). It doesn’t need to be refrigerated, but I feel you could buy go-gurt and slap it on your hair for a similar smell anyway. In reality this is a super thick and creamy mask. After using this my hair felt silky smooth and super hydrated. I did, however, smell like yogurt the rest of the day. I was a little concerned that small children would swarm me looking for fruit snacks when I went out in public. Luckily, I avoided children and my hair has been loving this mask.

Ibutterlondon got another first in the box. This was a polish from Butter London in Yummy Yummy. This was a taupey pale brown shade. This is my first experience with these products. I think it’s a great shade for fall–very au natural. The pigment just isn’t there. It is a milky shade. It took me three watery coats to get a good coverage. Not my favorite formula, but a great color! I wore this polish for about 2 days before it cracked and started to flake off. I just used my favorite top coat (which typically is long lasting) . I will use this again, but not when I want to be lazy.


Last, but most definitely not least, we got a FABULOUS eye pallet from Studio Makeup (The On the Go Pallet). This pallet looks suspiciously like the Kyeshadow pallet from Kylie cosmetics. I really think this a fantastic pallet for travel (you know, the intended purpose), or someone looking to get into makeup. It’s basic, buttery, and easy to blend. The darker colors didn’t translate well from pan to skin as far as pigment. When I use dark shadow I don’t usually go for the crusty bruised look. However, the pallet redeemed itself with the bronzy metallic shade. That shadow looks completely foiled, which is dramatic and amazing. I probably wouldn’t buy this pallet as I have colors like these, as they are basics (especially now that I am the proud owner of Naked Ultimate Basics, Reviews and Turorials coming soon). The only other bone I have to pick with this pallet is that the shadows have no names. I personally like sexual makeup names (looking at you Urban Decay). I feel nothing is complete without sexual humour. Let’s check out those non-sexual swatches shall we?

Top Row (left to right): Shade number one is a shimmery highlight color with a gold tinge to it, perfect for the inner corner. Shades two and three are silky matte yellow toned nudes, good for base colors and diffusing darker shadows.



Row 2: The first and last shades are almost identical. They are matte crease colors. The only discernable difference is that the 3rd shadow is a bit more orangey warm toned. The first shadow is warm toned, but comparatively less than number three. That middle shade though… It’s a foiled bronze. Can you say hello fall? Can you say hello drama? Yas, B, yas. I am hanging onto this pallet for that color.


Row 3: AKA row of sadness. The first shade, to be fair, is acceptable. It’s another bronze shimmer color. It doesn’t have the foiled effect of the middle row shadow, but it’s a minimally dramatic, perfect for a wearable fall look. These last two shadows are just pitiful. They are a matte brown and black. I had to go over these swatches about 3 times to get them this dark. No Bueno. You could work these in to define your crease, but you will have to be extremely patient to build up coverage. 


Overall I love boxy charm and their product value is phenomenal. I love getting to try new brands that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried. Here’s the card to show you the product value, because any time I can get a new pallet for $21, yes please.




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