The Power of Makeup, Acne Coverage Edition

If it wasn’t made clear in my last post, I have terrible skin. I mean, it’s prepubescent bad. What do I want to do when I grow up? Easy answer–raise unicorns and outgrow my acne. I am pretty sure the unicorns are more likely. This being said, I have learned how to cover said acne using makeup. Unfortunately my workplace doesn’t allot time for days when my skin is being absolute garbage. Therefore, what you are about to see is my “everyday” routine to cover mah spotty face. I want to point out, this is the absolute best case scenario. My makeup varies each day in accordance to how much I sleep in, but because we are online I am going to try to convince you I am a real adult and do all these things daily.

Lets start with skin care! If you don’t want you foundation to last, you can skip this paragraph. Those of you who spend $40 on your foundation and are going to make that skin carecrap last a minimum of 12+ hours, lets roll (DISCLAIMER–I use drugstore products too, and love them as well. No hate.). I always exfoliate whether it’s the night before or the hour before. Unless you want your foundation to resemble the salt flats in Utah, this is key. This prevents any healing acne from poking little pieces of dead skin through your meticulously blended visage. Next I follow with a moisturizer. Just make this a rule you live by. Say it with me, “I will always moisturize after exfoliating.” If I am going to bed (aka watch Netflix until 5am) I will apply a heavier cream based moisturizer. If I am going to apply foundation within the next 2 hours, I will apply a light weight moisturizer such as the triple performing moisturizer by Benefit ($32 at Ulta). If you want a cheaper option elf has their daily hydration moisturizer for $8 at target. You should let your moisturizer sink in for a few minutes before applying your foundation. This prevents your face from melting off in a matter of hours (or a matter of minutes if you live in the south like me).


Next thing, let’s tackle this face. Que the stressful slasher movie music. I start with two primers to even things out. This keep my natural skin texture from showing through. Here is an up close look at my skin texture (see left). On a more serious note though, I do press the NYX Pore Filler Primer ($13.99 at Ulta) into my cheeks to help disguise my enlarged pores. I find that for half the cost, this is a comparable dupe for the primerBenefit Porefessionals Primer ($31 at ulta). I also use the NYX Studio Perfect Primer (12.99 at Ulta). I use this on any dry patches to smooth down any flakey skin. This is a good dupe for the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer ($36). DO NOT put primer all over your face. It’s unnecessary and actually hurts the longevity of your foundation. It makes your skin look patchy and will cause your foundation to break down much faster. Just put it in your problem areas and you will be A-Okay.

Let your primer sit on your skin for a minute or so. This is the perfect time to give your overly needy cat pets. If you do not have a cat, use this minute to contemplate how your life would be better with a cat. Get you beauty blenders ready, because after your cat has decided to bite you, it’s time to apply foundation. I do not recommend brush application for acne prone skin. I feel that it exasperates any dryness or texture. The beauty blender dropperallows you to pat your foundation on which keeps you skin looking smooth. In case the other 12,000 beauty bloggers didn’t tell you this, make sure you use a damp sponge. This helps blending. If your foundation is coming out patchy it isn’t wet enough. If it is too sheer, you need to dry it in a clean beauty blenderpaper towel. I dropper my foundation onto the sponge and work in quadrants. To keep you from going full cake face, work in thin layers. This foundation is thin in texture, so I find it best to add a few drops to your sponge and blend it into one quarter of your face. I love the dropper format of this foundation. It makes it so much easier to control how much foundation you are using at any given time. Once you have finished covering your face in it’s entirety, then go in and build up coverage where you need it. This foundation is sheer to medium with one layer and is a solid medium after two layers. I like the look of full coverage, but this gives me a more natural finish without making my awful texture look worse. I am pretty sure this is my holy grail foundation. I use the lightest shade (no shock there–my best friend who shall remain nameless recommended sour cream as a shade match once), and it is a perfect match! I constantly struggle with finding foundation light enough to match me, so all my pasties out there, you need to check this out!

After, and I mean only after you are happy with your foundation, should you add any aquacealerconcealer. You don’t want to add product where it is unnecessary. I will dot on my foundation in very tiny areas where redness is peaking through. I will also conceal under my eyes. I can recommend the Urban Decay Naked concealer, but after loving this foundation so much, I had to try the aqaucealer! I was not disappointed, however I was alarmed at the doe foot size. It is huge. That is probably my biggest complaint about the product–it makes it hard to be precise. That being said, this product blends so well and has fabulous coverage. It’s a solid product. The Urban Decay concealer is more brightening on me. I admittedly went and added it to my under eye area to cover the evidence of my lack of sleep. I immediately set my under eye. I have been using the Ofra Banana Powder to do this. I then use my Bareminerals original powder foundation (in fair, if that wasn’t evident) to set everything. Make sure you press your powder into your foundation, never buff. Once you have all of your powder down, you can use light sweeping motions if you have extra powder you need to brush away. If you plan on wearing your foundation for 12 hours (which I do not recommend, but I do it too), then you will probably find that you will like using a lighter setting powder. A powder foundation is great for adding additional coverage, but it will look cakey after a while. If you want to know how awesome I look after this step, get ready. Your wish is my command.



Now that you look like a brow-less, lip-less dead alien, it’s time to make you look like you are alive again. The last thing you need to do is make people think the zombie apocalypse has finally started. I do this with contouring like every other makeup addict on the internet. I have been using my new Costal Scents pallet that I got in my August Boxy Charm. I take the lightest shadenars and my elf contour brush and I sweep this under my jaw, under the cheek bones, along the sides of the nose, and around the hairline. I then take a clean powder brush and blend it all in so I don’t look insane. I then use my favorite blush of the moment and apply this to the apples of my cheeks and blend towards the ear (making sure not to get too close to your mouth). Today I used the ever popular NARS blush in Orgasm on a fluffy powder brush from Ecotools. If you have any texturing on you cheeks you need to steer away from blushes like this one (it has a light gold shimmer throughout the product). Opt for a matte blush like XOXO from Makeup Geek (pictured below) or Fetish from Urban Decay. I then highlight using my current favorite highlighter, the Urban Decay afterglow highlighter in Sin (this is a light champagne colored highlight). I run this on the tops of the cheekbones, tip of the nose, cupid’s bow, chin cleft, and lightly between my brows. I then will take my powder brush and lightly blend to make sure everything is cohesive.


After we are all done with skin, which I probably should have done last, it is time for eyes and brows. I am all about doing things wrong. If you were looking for a professional make up artist, now seems like a good time to tell you that my only expertise lies in HOURS tarteletteof youtube videos. I do, however, know to prime my eyes and I like to use the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden ($20). If this is too pricey, you can literally pick up any eyeshadow primer. I know elf has a couple of options, and this step can make or break your eye look. While that dries a bit I typically fill in my brows. If you want a brow tutorial look elsewhere, because I am the worst. I just fill in the brow with the Goof Proof Brow Pencil from Benefit (clearly this was marketed towards me). I then fill in the finer hairs using my Colour Pop brow pencil in dope taupe ($5). I then set them with any clear brow gel. For the shadow look I used the Tartelette in Bloom palette. This look was super simple and natural. After the eye primer has had time to become as tacky as the neighborhood bag lady, I set the area with a big ol’ fluffy brush up to the brow bone using flower child and charmer. I then take a fluffy crease brush and starting at my crease (and working up) I lightly blend smarty pants. I blend this color through the whole crease and up and away. I then take jetsetter right into and above my crease and begin to create depth. Next, I take sweetheart into the inner 1/3 of my crease and fade that into rebel for the outer 2/3 of my crease. Then I take, on a different blending brush, leader and focus that only into my outer-v area. Once that is blended out I use a packing brush to pat on funny girl to the inner corner and to the center of my lid. If I get any in my crease, I just lightly blend using my first blending brush to get rid of any shimmer in the area. I then line my eyes in the waterline with a charcoal grey liner, this one was Uzi by Urban Decay. I then made a baby wing (any bigger and the uneven shape would be obvious) with my girlactik pen liner. I top this off with my lash primer from Blinc and my all time favorite mascara, Perversion by Urban Decay.


Last but not least I show my unprofessional skills one more time by not lining my lips and applying one of the BareMinerals matte liquid lipsticks in Swag (this one was a sample I got from Sephora. I then set everything with my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray (This stuff is my religion).

If you guys liked this tutorial, then follow me. I will be doing acne coverage tutorials with a wide variety of foundations. I also plan on doing more in depth eye tutorials. Thanks for reading!!





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