Experimenting with Marmalade

First, lets talk about how I found this face goop. As per usual I was browsing sephora.com when I stumbled across the Tarte Aquacealer, and I had to have it. I was running low  on my favorite naked concealer by Urban Decay, so I decided to take the plunge (review to come). When I make an order online I have a personal policy to take them for all the free stuff that I can get my hands on. I literally have makeup bags FULL of this crap. I never use any of it, but it validates my overfabcleanerpriced purchases because I got it for free. Oh you just spent $400 on four items, please take these foil packets of more stuff you can’t afford as a token of our appreciation. To actually get to the point, I used a coupon code and got a box of seven foil packets (Seven times the validation). I love basically anything that Fresh makes, so I was really excited to try this out! What a chunky adventure it would be.

For this post I slathered on The Fresh “Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask.” In case that weirdly specific name didn’t tell you, this mask is for boosting vibrancy.  I actually had to look on Sephora’s website to see what “vibrancy” meant to them. This mask boasts it will help with dullness, uneven texture, and uneven skin tone. I have all of these problems, so I had high hopes for this face goop.For reference I have combination acne prone skin. My skin is pretty sensitive, so I use the highly intelligent method of just going for it with new products. It works out well most of the time.

I started by using my favorite cleanser to take off my over-worn makeup. I have been using this one by First Aid Beauty. I had a long day at work and my foundation was basically melting off. I will totally do a skin care routine soon so you can see how I attempt to control my acne. Next (after pat drying my face) I used my handy dandy GlamGlow brush to apply this chunky mess–see the above image for texture. Why did we need to make it so chunky Fresh? Get it together. It looks like marmalade. If you were to spread this on toast I would bite into it without question.


As I started smearing said marmalade on my face the first thing I noticed (after the texture), was the smell. I managed to squeeze every last drop out of this pouch, then proceeded to run into my bedroom where my husband was already half alseep. Without explanationchunks I bent over our bed and said smell my face. To tell you how accustomed to my weirdness Evan has become, he did so without question. He wrinkled his nose and asked what on earth I had on my face this time (there is no shortage of face mask experimentation here). I told him I was pretty sure it was the love child of a lemon and a grapefruit. Needless to say if you don’t like the smell of pungent citrus (if the package didn’t alert you otherwise) this mask is not for you. I have provided you a picture of an extremely disturbed Katelyn pointing to large chunk o’ face mask. This is obviously a great photo, please feel free to make it your desktop background.

So after ten minutes of watching The Office for the twelve billionth time, it was time to take this bad boy off and see if my skin looked better, more vibrant if you will. I had a really hard time getting it off. The mask appeared to have formed a sticky crust that made it semi water proof. After trying to wash it off with my hands I broke out my knock off clarisonic and went to town (ulta brand). Job done. I then read the instructions (really helpful at this point) and found that it did say to remove with a washcloth and warm water. That explains a lot.

My final impressions of this mask are as follows. My skin feels the same, maybe a bit more vibrant. I suppose it’s as vibrant as it can feel whilst I am sleep deprived. I am also confident that if you were to slather jam all over your face and let it dry, this is exactly what it would feel like. I will probably pass these samples on to my grapefruit loving best friend. You are my only reader so far, so get ready girl. Given that this product retails at a whopping $62 for 3.3oz, I am going to have to pass on this Fresh product and stick to my GlamGlow.




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