Acne Wrangling a.k.a. My Skin Care Routine

When I was a teenager I had this dream that one day I would reach this magical age when my acne would be banished for good. This was unrealistic. I am doing a skin care post for a couple of reasons. Reason one, I have terrible acne prone skin. My skin freaks out at the slightest variation in my routine. My skin problems are 33% stupid decisions on my part, 33% hormonal, and 33% unfortunate genetics. That other 1% must be karma for that time in first grade when I convinced some kid I was Mary Queen of Scots in hiding (Yes, this is real. I will tell that story another time). Reason two for this post is that I have tried an obscene amount of skincare products to no avail. I am going to share with you what works best for me. Please remember that all skin is different and skin care is extremely personal. I am not a licensed dermatologist. Surely that is obvious, because if I were I might not spend so much freaking money on foundation.

First thing you should know is that I do most all of this most days. This goes back to the 33% stupid decisions. I am incredibly lazy. I am not proud of this necessarily, but it is true none the less. I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get out of things. It would probably take me less time to just do said thing. Just keep this in mind as we move along.

I always (yes, this I actually do) wash my makeup off. I start with target brand oil skinceuticalsfree eye make up remover. This takes off my favorite waterproof mascara, which is fantastic. It’s also rather inexpensive and does the SAME EXACT THING as some of the high end options. I am looking at you Sephora. I follow that with my First Aid Beauty cleanser ($20 at Ulta). It’s a gentle cream cleanser that gets off my most long wearing foundations. It breaks down all the stuff I slap on my face throughout the day. It is super gentle and scent free, so I can use it twice a day without any signs of irritation. Sometimes I do switch this with my Skinceuticals LHA Gel cleanser from time to time ($24 on Amazon). It is also scent free and gentle, but it does dry my skin out if I use it too often. If I feel particularly cakey I break out my face brush from Ulta to remove all of the foundation I have baked, set with setting spray, and cemented onto my face. It isn’t as cool as a clarisonic, but it’s only $25 and has done well for me for the last year. face brushTo help with my uneven skin tone and general red and splotchy complexion, I use the Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel ($60). I picked this up at Sephora after receiving a deluxe sample. It was one of the few samples I did try to use out of my semi hoarder status stash of samples products. I am really glad I did, because this has helped with my scarring and has never once made me feel over scrubbed or irritated.

This is then followed by the Chlorella Serum from Skin Inc ($45 at Sephora). I started using this, again from a sample (you see the pattern here I hope). Yes I have a problem. No I am not sorry. It is designed to brighten dark spots, but it has been helping with redness, so I am a fan. I use this three or four times a week. To top it all off I follow with my ultra repair cream from First Aid Beauty ($30). I am actually waiting on my order with a gel based moisturizer from Neutrogena because I have read on the ever reliable internet that it works best for acne prone skin. I will keep you updated if my skin goes from adult acne sadness to fabulous. I do use an eye cream from Clarke’s Botanicals that I got in a boxy charm box. It works, but it’s honestly just as good as some lower end options, but I already have it so hey.

The last thing I do is my obsession. I love using face masks almost as much as I love makeup (I know right?!). My all time favorite is GlamGlow. Hands down, if I had the choice between wifi and GlamGlow…okay no. What I was about to say was going to be a lie. It’s pretty damn amazing though. It comes in at $69 for the jar, but if you geglamglowt the gift set you get other little things to make you feel better about the fact that you paid too much for tea leaves and dirt in a fancy jar. I love the Youth Mud mask most. It pulls out any excess
oil and lets me exfoliate away my nasty face flakes. The set I get also has a baby size of the super mud which I use to spot treat particularly nasty acne. They call it a cult favorite, but I might actually like it enough to make a GlamGlow centric cult. I will let you know if we get shirts.

All and all I am always changing up my routine to find what works best. I hope you either find this helpful or at least mildly entertaining. If you found it to be neither of those things… why are you still here? Honestly, from someone who struggles with their skin just keep trying things and drink a ton of water. Also look for future tutorials on covering your crappy skin for the times when your experiments are unsuccessful.







3 thoughts on “Acne Wrangling a.k.a. My Skin Care Routine

  1. No matter what beauty products you use or don’t use, you are a beautiful young woman. But I love reading your your tips and beauty product reviews.


  2. Great post! I’m definitely going to be checking out the Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel and the Chlorella Serum, they sound fantastic.


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